Crochet Flower Ball

Crochet Flower Ball

This Flower Ball is perfect for any baby and it’s so cute. The ball pattern has easy follow along directions. Enjoy this Crochet Flower Ball pattern by Look At What I Made!

Click on the Link for the Pattern, If you have any question, please ask the designer on their site. Thanks


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One thought on “Crochet Flower Ball

  1. Carol D says:

    Thank you for posting this. I’d seen it on Dedri’s site a while back, but forgot about it.
    I think I’ll make this for my little granddaughter for Christmas! Think she’d like this one! (Made her a big Minnie Mouse last year – she was obsessed with Minnie Mouse and has a bunch of them. I’m betting she won’t have another one like the Flower Ball!
    Thank you!

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