Crochet Butterfly Magnet

Crochet Butterfly Magnet

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B hook or smaller or larger hook for different sizes. I saw these cute butterflies at a fair and had to make them!  They were so fun to make with thread yarn! I can’t wait to give the crochet butterfly magnets as gifts!

Sparkle Red Heart Fine Crochet Thread

You tube video of the Butterfly Magnet: [youtuber youtube='']

You tube Video of the Butterfly Magnet Part II: [youtuber youtube='']

Chain 5, sl st in the beg chain to form a ring.

Rnd 1. ch 3 (counts as first dc) work 2dc in the ring, *ch 2, work 3dc in the ring, *Repeat 7 times. sl st on top of the ch 3. -8 dc shells made

Rnd 2. ch 3. (counts as first dc) turn, work 2 dc in the ch 2 space, ch 2, work 3dc in the same ch 2 space, *ch 2, work 3dc in the next ch 2 space, ch 2, work 3dc in the same ch 2, *Repeat 7 times. sl st on top of the ch 3 space -16 (3dc) shells made

Rnd 3. sl st in the next three stitches, ch 3 (counts as first dc), work 6 more dc in the same ch 2 space, *ch 2, sc in the next ch 2 space, ch 2, work 7dc in the next ch 2 space, *Repeat 7 times, sl st on top of the ch 3 space. -8 (7dc) shells made

Fold the butterfly in half to create the butterfly, you can use pipe cleaner or yarn to create the center of the butterfly and antennas  Secure it around the center and create two ends on the top of the butterfly to create the antennas. Glue a magnet piece on the back to create a magnet.

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