Crochet Flower Coaster with You Tube Video

Crochet Flower Coaster

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Crochet Flower Coaster Part I

Crochet Flower Coaster Part II
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I really wanted to make some crochet coasters for my home, so I decided to make this pretty coaster pattern. It also makes a great gift for the holidays or birthday too.
G hook
chain 6, sl st to form ring
Rnd 1. ch 1, work 14dc in the ring. sl st in ch1
Rnd 2. ch 5, (counts as the first dc and ch 2)  dc in the same stitch, skip next stitch, *work a dc, ch2, dc in the same stitch, skip next stitch, *repeat around, sl st ch 2 -8 v-stitches
Rnd 3. slip stitch in the chain 2 space, ch 2 (count as the first dc), work dc in the same chain 2 space, ch 2, work 2dc in the same ch 2 space,*ch 2, work 2dc in the next ch 2 space, ch2, 2dc in the same ch 2 space, *repeat around, sl st in the ch2  -8 v-stiches
Rnd 4. sl st in the ch 2 space, *ch2, work 6dc, ch2, sl st in the same ch 2 space,  skip the next chain 2 space, sl st in the next ch 2 space, *Repeat around, sl st. in the chain 2 space. -8 pedals.
Fasten off.
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  1. Gail Hampton January 23, 2014 at 10:05 pm #

    Great pattern. It was a delight making this. I did realize though that I needed a smaller hook as you suggested. I have a coaster that is a tad too big but I still love it. Thanks for sharing.

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