Crochet Newborn Baseball Cap

Crochet Newborn Baseball Cap
Enjoy this Baseball Cap Pattern!

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Newborn baby head circumference: 13″ – 14″, Hat height = 5.5 to 6″= F hook

Use a larger hook for a larger head or smaller hook for smaller head, or increase a round. I would use a looser yarn, the yarn I used was Red heart blue yarn and it measured 13 inches around, but I’m sure if you use a softer yarn it would stretch better and feel better on the baby’s head.
F hook, blue yarn, ch 5, sl st, to form a ring.
rnd 1. ch 2 (count as one hdc), do 9 hdc in the ring, sl st. (10 hdc)
rnd 2. ch 2, do 2hdc in each stitch around, continue around, without a slip stitch (start to use a marker) (20 hdc)
rnd 3. *do hdc in the next stitch, 2hdc in the next stitch, *repeat around, continue around, no slip stitch or chain, (I would use a marker so you can keep track of your increased rounds) (30 hdc)
rnd 4. *do hdc in the next 2 stitches, 2hdc in the next stitch, *repeat around, continue around. (40 hdc)
rnd 5. *do hdc in the next 3 stitches, 2hdc in the next stitch, *repeat around, continue around. (50 hdc)
rnd 6. *do hdc in the next 4 stitches, 2 hdc in the next stitch, *repeat around, continue around. (60 hdc)
rnd 7. *do hdc in each stitch around,*repeat until you hat measures 5 inches long, sl st.

Brim: continue on from the sl st, ch 1,  work 2hdc in 19 stitches across (38 hdc total)

In the next stitch do a sl st., sl stitch again in the next stitch. turn
work 1 hdc between each hdc (38 hdc total) sl st in the next stitch, sl st again, Fasten off.
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