Crochet Sashay Yarn Purse

Crochet Sashay Yarn Purse

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I was trying to find different way to use some Sashay yarn I had laying around. I made a sashay yarn scarf and then a toddler skirt and wanted to try something different. I was searching some yarn crochet sites and saw a cute ruffle Sashay purse crochet pattern. So after some trial and error, I made this cute purse crochet pattern. I have received so many compliments when I use this cute crochet purse.


Impeccable Grey yarn, or whatever yarn you prefer
Sashay blue yarn, 1 ball was used
G and F hook
Ribbon, any kind is fine, as long as it fits in the triple crochet belt space, I used blue ribbon

If you would like a bigger, wider purse, then add more chains

Chain 25, G hook with grey yarn
Rnd 1. sc in the 2nd chain from the hook, and each chain across, work 3sc at last chain,   -26sc
Rnd 2. Do not turn, work on the opposite side, ch 1, sc in each stitch across, work 3sc at the end stitch in that row, continue around, and work sc in each stitch across, sl st in the chain 1, -52sc
Rnd 3. ch 1, *sc in the next 3 stitches, 2sc in the next, *Repeat around, sl st, -65sc
Rnds 4-5. ch 1, sc in each stitch around, -65sc
Rnds 6-15 . ch 2, dc in the back loops in each stitch around, sl st in the beginning chain. -65dc

Rnd 16. ch 1, sc in the back loops in each stitch around, sl st. -65sc
Rnds 17-18. ch 1, sc in each stitch around, twice, sl st. -65sc

Rnd 19. ch 3, triple crochet in each stitch around, sl st, -65 triple crochet, this will be belt loop for your ribbon

Rnds 20-21. ch 1, sc in each stitch around twice, sl st. -65sc

Strap: chain 110.
Row 1. sc in the 2nd chain from the hook, -109
Row 2. sc in each stitch across, -109, *Repeat this three times. fasten off,
Sl st the strap on each side across from each other to create the strap

Sashay Ruffle:  F hook

Video I made to help you understand how to create ruffles on sashay yarn: this is for a skirt but shows you how to do the ruffles on a pattern.

Rounds for Sashay purse: F hook with sashay yarn

Rnd 6. start in round 6 for ruffles. *Create the Sashay Ruffle on hook first to start, by folding the yarn inward about an inch, and inserting hook in the 2nd loop from the beginning of the fold. Skip two loops on the sashay yarn, insert hook in the 3rd hook on the yarn and pull through the loops on the hook.

In Round 6 of dc back loops Insert your hook with the sashay ruffle that you create (directions above) in the first dc back loop at the back seam. skip one loop on sashay yarn and insert hook in the next sashay yarn loop and pull the sashay yarn loop through the skirt back loop and sashay yarn loop, this will create the 2nd ruffle. So Insert your hook in each dc back loop for each round. Then skip one loop on the sashay yarn loop and then pull through both loops. *Repeat for each row for ruffles.

Rnd 7. Skip this row of back loops, then start a row of ruffles in the next row of back loops.

Rnd 8. *Repeat Row of Ruffles (same as rnd. 6, same as above.)

Rnd 9.  Skip this row of back loops

Rnd 10. *Repeat Row of Ruffles (same as above.)

Rnd 11. Skip row of back loops

Rnd 12. *Repeat Row of Ruffles (same as above.)

Rnd 13.  Skip row of back loops

Rnd 14. *Repeat Row of Ruffles (same as above.)

Rnd 15.  Skip row of back loops

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3 thoughts on “Crochet Sashay Yarn Purse

  1. Kaleigh says:

    I love this purse! It’s so pretty!
    Basically, I just love sashay. I learned how to use it last Thursday and I’ve already made three scarves. It seems to be nearly sold out everywhere, so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get more! :\

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