22 thoughts on “Hats

  1. Dee says:

    I am looking for hats to crochet for my great nephews … lion, tiger, Toy Story, Cars, Thomas the train. Do you have any of these? I love your hat patterns, they are all consistent and easy to follow.

  2. Stacey Vadas says:

    May I just take a moment to thank you for your wonderful patterns! My friends and I crochet for a couple of hospitals in the northwest Indiana area, and we are so happy with the easy to follow instructions of your hat patterns. I just wanted to let you know how appreciated you are!

  3. pam hamill says:

    hi i have been an avid crotcher for years but dont usually use patterns i pick a pattern i like from picture and put my own little touches on them or adapt them to something else which is fun i have been asked to do a me to you hat or tattie ted as better known but have to admit defeat i am stumped can you or any member help me out with this

  4. Linda Phillips says:

    Do you have, or know of, a baby crochet candy corn hat, or orange
    pumpkin hat? I am new to your site, and I luv it! Thank you!! :)

  5. Phyllis Weidmann says:

    I love your character hats for children. I’ve been looking for patterns suitable for children with cancer because I make hats for Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach, California. You have a great imagination and do beautiful work. Thank you so much for the free patterns.

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