6 thoughts on “More Crochet

  1. Jennifer Linville says:

    Help, please. I am a beginner crochet person. I am attempting to crochet this red potholder, with the blue edge on it. I have gotten thru Rows 3-10. It looks likes it might be half done, however, at Row 11, it doesn’t seem like to me that I should continue to crochet where I am. I am lost as to where to go?? If you could get me straightened out, I would appreciate it. thanks. Jennifer

    P.S. Perhaps, I should not have tried to do this, but I just love it!

  2. amray2007 says:

    can you give the link to this pattern on this site, Not sure which pattern you are talking about. My site is a crochet directory as well, so not all the patterns are mine, some are added by others. So that pattern doesnt seem like its mine, but I need the link to know, and if its not mine, go to the site it belongs to and you can ask them or I can take a look and see if I can walk you through it, just need to know which pattern you are talking about.

  3. Bernice says:

    I really loved crochet your baby booties that I found on youtube and would like to know where I am able to get a link for the pattern. I would love to make these again sometime. Please email me back. Thank you.

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