15 thoughts on “Crochet Kids

  1. Jan Fugman says:

    How can I find your pattern for making your Sashay ruffled skirt. I understand from you video how to add the ruffle, but is there a pattern for the skirt itself?
    I love it and your Sashay top. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  2. Claire says:

    I really love the hat patterns but i have seen a hello kitty hat was wondering if you have the pattern for the hat?

  3. Kitty says:

    Hi There…I am looking for a childs size 11 crochet slipper boot…would u happen to have a pattern for this…Look forward to ur reply in this regards…

  4. kim says:

    Hello I have a 5yr old granddaughter and we go to church,I’d love to crochet her some dresses shirts and sweaters,I was wondering if you have any patterns for any of them or would you be making any in the near future? Thanks so much,Kim

  5. phil says:

    There was a pattern for a little granny square blanket with the top half of a a dog sewn to it. It was yellow and white. But now i cant find it anywhere. It was called a crochet puppy dog lovey. Would really appreciate if u could help me out with this. My nephew really liked it and im hoping to get it made for him for his birthday. Thank you very much!!! Love all your patterns!!!!

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